Students bring a splash of colour to Farmer’s Market

Face painting for Covenant House

Jessie Black, face painting to raise funds  for Covenant House.

By Peter Davey

Aurora High School students brought color to fundraising through face painting at the Aurora Farmers’ Market, raising money for the Covenant House.

Jill Baker and Haley Black, both in grade 12, were prompted to raise money for Covenant House after a speaker from the charity came to speak in their class. Covenant House is Canada’s largest homeless youth agency.

“It is such a good charity,” said Ms. Baker. “They focus on every aspect of helping youths living on the street, from housing to getting a job.”

Raising money and awareness through small events is invaluable to the charity said Kathryn Checkley, who works with students for Covenant House. “People don’t know this, but we are almost entirely privately funded,” said Ms. Checkley. “Haley was really enthusiastic about getting the word out and that is of great value to us.”

The Farmers’ Market was a great place to talk with Aurorans about supporting this charity, said Ms. Baker. Lots of kids looking to add some colour to their cheeks ensured the team surpassed their fundraising goal of $350.

“The Farmers’ Market was very helpful and busy,” said Ms. Baker, laughing when she added. “It was almost too busy, we had lots of line ups.” They were helped out by long-time friend and artist Jesse Black, who created some amazing designs.

Next year, Ms. Black leaves for Halifax to study commerce at Saint Mary’s University and Ms. Baker is attending St. Lawrence University in New York, studying general arts on a squash scholarship.

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